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List of Startups

Please contact the below Venture for Canada representatives for information about becoming a partner startup:

In Nova Scotia  –

Jennifer Skuffman
Nova Scotia Program Coordinator
[email protected]

In New Brunswick  –

Symone Jennings
New Brunswick Program Coordinator
[email protected]

In Ontario –

Hannah Mellion
Startup Partnership Manager
[email protected]

Why should you sign up to be a Venture for Canada Partner Startup?

To save time and money

For startups, Venture for Canada connects you to the country’s best and brightest graduates that are vetted by our network of entrepreneurs. During their two-year fellowship, Fellows receive ongoing mentorship, coaching, and training. Our process for Partner Startups is simple, respectful and will save you time and money on your recruitment and retention efforts.

To gain new skills, ideas and perspectives on your team

The best way to grow your startup and be more competitive is to bring on the right people.

Fellows are bright, eager to learn, solutions-oriented and come from an assortment of backgrounds with entrepreneurial thinking.

To nurture young entrepreneurs

After gaining top-notch skills and a national network of entrepreneurs and investors, Fellows are in a great position to launch their own startups – a personal reason for many of our Partners.

Below is a list of startups in Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that currently employ Venture for Canada Fellows.

Partner Employers


ADA creates tools that help customer support teams offer amazing service at any scale. The first tool they built is a chatbot creation platform powered by our own machine learning engine which reduces support volume, empowers customers to find answers on their own, and automatically learns how to better serve customers in the future.


Affinio is an innovative marketing platform that helps companies collect information on their clients in order to gain a better understanding of their demographics. It works with companies to use the data in order to maximize the effectiveness of its ads and content.

African Bronze Honey

African Bronze Honey sells raw, free trade, organic honey from the Zambian rainforest.


We’ve packed these delicious new AWAKE chocolates with as much caffeine goodness as a cup of coffee (or a 250ml energy drink). Perfect for when you gotta get stuff done, and just don’t have the energy to do it.

BlueLight Analytics

BlueLight Analytics Inc. is a technology company specializing in the measurement of curing light energy delivery in dental practice. Our suite of technology supports practitioners, educators and researchers with laboratory accurate analytics that improve the quality of light-cured resins in dental restorations.


Borrowing money should be simple. For many of us, it’s part of our everyday lives. That’s why we’ve developed Borrowell, a simple, secure and convenient way to connect borrowers and lenders.


CareGuide is a family of online services to help families connect with care providers. Finding the right care provider shouldn't be as hard as it is today.


ChangeJar began by recognizing the inconvenience of the change that piles up in our homes and cars from everyday purchases. Today, ChangeJar has advanced that simple idea into a flexible and highly intuitive way for consumers to use cash and merchants to improve service and profitability.


ClearBanc gives freelances and entrepreneurs the ability to manage their finances on the go, in an easy and carefree manner, at an affordable cost.

Common Good Solutions

Part consultancy, part educator, part social impact incubator, CGS is a Canadian leader in the global social enterprise movement. Our sweet spot is bringing together people and organizations from across sectors to make social, cultural and environmental change through business.


Great visuals tell stories that touch hearts, open minds, and even influence what we buy, eat, and do. That’s why CrowdRiff is here: to connect brands and consumers alike with the captivating imagery that makes a real impact.

CSL Silicones

CSL Silicones produces a range of custom silicone products to fill its clients' every need.

eSight Eyewear

eSight has created revolutionary glasses that employ technology, which allows those with vision loss to see.

Eve Medical

Eve Medical is a for-profit social enterprise focused on designing innovative, user-centered medical products aimed at the specific healthcare needs of women.


FarmLead is a digital marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to list, negotiate and finalize grain deals. Available online and as a mobile app,  FarmLead increases market reach, provides 24-7 access and reduces brokerage fees. The FarmLead Marketplace facilitates greater efficiency in grain marketing.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is a free crowd-sourced medical image library for healthcare professionals. View a growing library of high quality clinical images and safely share your own.


Fiix makes maintenance activities easier and more efficient for businesses. Fiix's products allow businesses to set maintenance goals and collaborate on their projects.


Finaeo is a sales platform built from the ground-up for insurance advisors. Finaeo helps advisors spend more time with their clients, focus that time on the right actions, and develop winning processes based on best practices.


Flixel is a Toronto-based startup that loves visual storytelling. Our software tools enable photographers, videographers and digital marketers to tell mesmerizing stories using a new visual medium known as cinemagraphs.


FundThrough offers loans to small companies that sell to bigger businesses. Our technology allows us to approve new clients in minutes, and get you the cash you need quickly, with no obligations or long-term commitments.

Georgette Packaging

If sourcing packaging has felt like a process that lacks transparency, that’s difficult to understand, where pricing is tough to get, and manufacturers don’t want to work with you because you’re too small -- Georgette Packaging is for you.


GrowSumo helps companies automate their growth through influencer driven referrals.


HeroX's platform allows anyone to introduce a problem and create an incentivized competition in order to crowdsource a solution.

Institute Of Holistic Nutrition

Graduates from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition provide such a role. They are educated partners qualified to devise a personalized health scheme that integrates and honors the physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life.


Interset's software monitors employee behaviour and scans for anomalies to ensure that a company's data is secure.

Kira Systems

Kira Systems has developed software that scans through documents to identify and analyse clauses and other relevant information. Kira System's technology is especially helpful to law firms and large corporations as it expedites the process of reading through long documents.


L-Spark is Canada's only SaaS incubator and accelerator. It provides entrepreneurs and startups with mentors and resources to help the companies grow and succeed.


LeadSift generates qualified leads by mining publicly available social media data to identify, understand and target consumers.

Lending Loop

Connecting small businesses with Canadian investors is Lending Loop's way to help these small businesses grow.

Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is a coding bootcamp for amateurs. It teachers its students to problem solve and develop through mentorship and personalized learning, and brings them into the coding community.


Mavencare provides senior citizens with affordable and convenient caregivers and home care services.

Meal Garden

Meal Garden subscribers are given access to a platform that will make planning this week's meals fun, quick and painless. Not only are users able to plan their meals, but they are also able to learn about the nutritional value of everything they eat as well as learn new, delicious and nutritious recipes.

Mosaic Manufacturing

Mosaic Manufacturing has created one of the most advanced 3D printers, which includes multi-color and media printing. Mosaic sells the printers to design focused businesses, art and creative organizations as well as individuals.


The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) accelerates a thriving, early-stage investing ecosystem in Canada by connecting individuals, groups, and other partners that support Angel-stage investing.


Norex is a digital design and invention firm that creates modern web pages and applications. It works with industry leading firms in law, education, health and sports to produce award winning technology that is secure, easy to use and responsive.


NRStor Inc. is a energy storage project developer and owner focused on accelerating the development & construction of industry-leading energy storage technologies.


Nymi develops biometric and authentication technologies and applications for consumer electronics.


At Optimity we are changing the world by empowering the middle majority of the population. We help each young, healthy professional to stay connected to their health states, stay motivated to invest in their health, and giving them back the most precious gift of all: time.


Simple content sharing for a more connected business, Pressly is one place to collaboratively share any type of content. Reach your team and community with its distribution tools and understand how well this is working with content performance insights.


QRA builds advanced analysis tools that significantly decrease the cost, time, and effort required to verify early-stage designs of complex systems such as aircraft, naval ships, and spacecraft.


Revlo's platform hosts Twitch, a webcam based communications software. Twitch users can host contests and shows to engage clients and secure valuable subscriptions to their respective channels.


Ritual provides consumers with the ability to order and pay for food and beverages from their phones. Additionally, consumers are notified when their food will be ready so that they can completely avoid waiting.


ScriberBase is a fully automated business solution platform that provides companies with software for everything from sales forecasting to commisision tracking. It allows companies to simplify all of their business related charts and data and make it easily accessbile and understandable to everyone at the company.


SeamlessMD are clinicians, designers and engineers leveraging design, data and technology to improve patient engagement and care coordination across the care continuum.


Sensibill is a receipt management platform that allows customers to access their purchase receipts directly from their bank accounts.


Shopify's platform allows small businesses to easily and affordably create modern and elegant ecommerce websites.


Skooli is an online directory for tutors. Users can view profiles of tutors from a variety of different fields of study and hire them online.

Spring Loaded

At Spring Loaded, we are developing unique, proprietary knee bracing technologies in order to enhance the power output of the quadriceps muscles.


Statflo is reinventing wireless customer service by making it more local, personal and authentic.


StickerYou helps you to create custom stickers, labels, tattoos and decals for your home and your business.


SWEPT develops software for the janitorial industry that fosters better communication between employers and cleaning professionals.

Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change is a social enterprise and B-Corp that provides affordable and accessible educational materials to students both locally and across the globe. T4C repurposes used textbooks to create meaningful social and environmental impact while helping make education a right, not a privilege.


At TruLeaf, we’re leading a new evolution in plant science that improves predictability in agriculture. Our Smart Plant Systems leverage multi-level farming technology to create efficient, controlled indoor farms that can be located anywhere from the heart of an urban centre to remote locations or harsh climate areas, where growing would otherwise not be possible.

Turnstyle Solutions

Turnstyle Solutions helps retailers and brands learn actionable insights about on-premise customer behaviour. Turnstyle is a complete Customer Relationship Analytics, Engagement and Marketing platform.

Uken Games

Uken Games is the largest independent mobile, social game studio in Toronto. To date, Uken has released 9 cross-platform titles, including Bingo Pop, Crime Inc and Forces of War. In 2013, Uken was named on Deloitte's Fast50 Companies to Watch list.


Universe is an event marketplace for promoting and selling tickets.


Vidyard is a video marketing platform enabling customers to derive information on viewer-behavior for marketing automation systems and CRM.


Wattpad is the world's largest community of readers and writers. Anyone can publish a book or story on Wattpad and then readers can comment and share it with eachother as well as communicate with the author. It is a great way for passionate amateur writers to showcase their talent and for interested readers to access a variety of books that cannot be found anywhere else.