Why Support Venture for Canada?

Venture for Canada is a national non-profit charity that recruits, trains, and supports recent graduates to work at Canadian startups, with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship.

Talent is Canada’s greatest national resource. We need to do more to empower our youth to develop the entrepreneurial leadership skills needed to thrive in the future.

Venture for Canada’s rigorous training program, which include a month long training camp held at Queen’s University, as well as ongoing support over a two-year period, provides youth with the foundation to thrive as entrepreneurial leaders.

Through your support of Venture for Canada, you are investing in our youth and helping to build a more inclusive, vibrant and economically thriving Canada for tomorrow.

Our Impact:

Venture for Canada has recruited, trained, and supported nearly 100 recent graduates to work at Canadian startups in need of talent. Over 90% of these Fellows have been assessed as meeting or exceeding the expectations of their employer startups.

Venture for Canada is helping to catalyze the talent pipeline to Canada’s startups, providing experiential entrepreneurial learning opportunities for young Canadians, which helps to create the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Your Support:

With your support, we can recruit even more Canadian youth to participate as part of the program. In order to recruit, train, and support one Fellow throughout their two-year fellowship, it costs Venture for Canada $7,000.

Your financial support is invested into our ongoing training, mentorship, support and coaching activities, providing more Canadian youth with the skills needed to thrive as entrepreneurs.


To donate to support Venture Canada’s work, please use the link below. We issue charitable tax receipts for all donations of $100 or more.

If you would prefer to set up a monthly recurring donation, please email [email protected] and we will be in touch.

We appreciate your support and contributions, which makes our work possible.