Ben Winn

  • Mount Allison University

Ben is from Toronto, Ontario and attended Mount Allison University from 2012 to 2015, when he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Marketing.

His first internship was in the creative department at J. Walter Thompson, and this was followed by two summers at Harco Publishing; one as an intern, the other as a contracted sales and marketing manager, where he increased recurring online revenue by 500%.

Ben has been involved in performing arts his entire life, and in university began directing and choreographing for Mount Allison’s largest arts’ organization, where he also served as an executive for three years. During this time, Ben also started and ran a fitness club, and bartended at a local restaurant, where he quickly learned that discounting his professors’ wine paid off.

Outside of work, Ben’s interests include food, sports, and fashion. One of his first jobs during high school was appraising, photographing, and selling used couture items, and he still attends fashion events in his free time today. His favourite sports are tennis and golf, and when it comes to food, Ben enjoys making everything from scratch, and specializes in Italian fare.