Chris Grouchy

  • Queen's University

Chris Grouchy is an Enterprise Consultant at Shopify Plus where he uses technology to help high-growth retailers scale into world-class companies. Raised in Brighton, Ontario, Chris was awarded over $118,000 in post-secondary scholarships, including the national TD Scholarship, which he used to self-fund the cost of his university education. In order to learn how to improve the working lives of others, Chris interned at Cisco Systems. There, he pitched an Internet of Things strategy to executives at leading Canadian commercial real estate firms. At Oracle, Chris worked with a product team and led the development of global internal communications program. Chris is currently a founder of Boon Technologies, a SaaS company that enables inside sales professionals to manage and improve their performance. As an advocate for education reform, Chris was the Executive Director and a member of the founding team for Student Voice Initiative, a national education consultancy that works with provincial premiers and cabinet ministers across Canada to incorporate student feedback into policy. Chris writes online and manages a subscription newsletter that discuss curiosity, ideas, books, and startups.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University.