Ian MacKenzie

  • Carleton University

Ian is a Pickering, Ontario native who attended Carleton University and graduated as part of the 2016 class of Civil Engineering while supplementing his education with a business minor.

He has undertaken multiple positions in his field, highlighted by interning for a Water and Energy Efficiency team as well as acting as an Estimator and Project Manager. Through these various positions in the public and private sector, Ian has constantly moved towards the business side of his career’s opportunities. This persuaded him to co-found his own start-up called FLAG, a social lifestyle brand geared towards personal growth and passing forward the lessons learned through conquering life’s difficulties.

Throughout his life, he always had a love for soccer, playing competitively for 10 years, while recently taking interests in finance, travel and languages. On his off time, Ian can be found flipping pages, training for an obstacle course race, or just enjoying the outdoors through hiking and playing sports.