Jonah Hetherington

  • Western University

Jonah Hetherington is a Hong Kong-born, Ottawa native who is a member of the class of 2016 at Western University where he studied Economics.

Jonah has had a potpourri of unorthodox experiences, including working in Africa, studying in Asia, and travelling across South America. He learned that through the power of communication, he could help solve people’s daily problems on any continent. From working in wealth management in Ottawa, to writing speeches in Kenya, to reporting on meetings with influencers like Jane Goodall in Uganda, he has always pursued opportunities where he could build empathy towards different people's perspectives, and become the microphone for their causes.

These experiences have led to his current role as a Sales Development Representative at Maintenance Assistant Inc., which hopes to make an age-old industry, maintenance, more environmentally and economically efficient.

At Western, Jonah was a member of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, planned a Wall Street Conference as VP Events of Western Capital Markets, and led as VP Finance of the Nspire Innovation Network.

During his free time, Jonah likes to write and perform slam poetry, learn foreign languages, and find cheap ways to see more of the world through travel hacking.