Nico DiPlacido

  • Western University

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Nico is a twenty-two-year-old Western University alumnus who specializes in media, information, and technoculture.

At Western University, Nico spent two years on the varsity ultimate frisbee and triathlon teams, while serving as his faculty’s vice president of communications. Nico also served as an emergency medical responder with the campus police and health services departments.

After a summer as a talent agent and another starting his own video media company, Nico recognized his overwhelming drive to build things people want.

Nico is currently working at Y-Combinator backed GrowSumo, helping SaaS companies to leverage the world’s largest sales force.

When not thinking about technology, Nico enjoys presenting to high school students about mental health with, training for his 2nd Ironman triathlon, and pretending to understand what he’s reading about on Hacker News.