Tara Wiedeman

  • Western University

Tara is a Creemore, Ontario native and member of the 2016 class at Ivey Business School and Western University where she completed a BA in Business Administration, and BSc in Environmental Science. After working for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, and several international development programs Tara has explored non-profit, government and social enterprise spaces. Her interests culminate in a desire to improve how people contribute to the organizations with which they interact through a holistic approach to consumer engagement and sales. She will take any opportunity to move, preferably outside. She is typically seen stumbling out of bed at 6am for an early morning run or triathlon practice. Tara also once competed on the Canadian national equestrian team and still enjoys pleasure riding. During her free time Tara loves trying new things; food, activities, games, or movies, and is always up for an adventure.