Venture for Canada

Fellowship Experience

Get Selected

Venture for Canada finds top graduates from Canadian universities and colleges — who have demonstrated a passion for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Get Trained

Receive five weeks of training alongside some of the top entrepreneurially minded graduates in the country, and learn from experts as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

Get a Career at a Top Startup

We are as Selective with our partner companies as we are with our Fellows. We only place Fellows at the top high growth and innovative firms, which have been recommended to us by our advisory board and supporters.

Why Apply?

Be a part of an Amazing Network:

Venture for Canada connects recent graduates to work for some of the top entrepreneurs in the country, giving them a valuable network that will help them throughout their careers.

Beyond the network of experienced entrepreneurs, Fellows become a member of a top tier community of other high performing entrepreneurially minded Canadians.

Gain Valuable Skills:

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is through hands-on experience working for the top entrepreneurs in the country. We give Fellows the experience of building a tremendously successful company from an early stage, gaining the valuable skills that are essential to building and scaling a company.

We work with some of the top startups in the country, firms as Wattpad, 500px, and Shopify, to ensure that fellows are learning from the best.

Launch Your Career As An Entrepreneur:

After gaining top-notch skills and a national network of entrepreneurs and investors, Fellows are in a great position to launch their own companies.