Frequently Asked Questions

Venture for Canada is a 2-year fellowship program where you gain the network, experience, and training necessary to launching your own firm.!

There is no better way to prepare for being an entrepreneur than going to work for a successful entrepreneur. As a Fellow, you go to work for a top startup, where you learn the ropes of what it takes to build a successful startup. Along the way, you develop a network of other top recent graduates and mentors, who you can collaborate with for the rest of your career.

There are three major advantages, among many others, to becoming a VFC Fellow:

  1. Network. The class of fellows consists of exceptional people who will be lifelong partners, advisors, and colleagues. Fellows are connected to leading entrepreneurs and investors in their regions. A great network is one of the main reasons people go to business school. Through VFC, yours is ready-made and much deeper.
  2. Work experience. Fellows gain invaluable hands-on experience of building a business from the ground up. Compared to working for a large corporation, you gain a diverse skillset, which will better prepare you for your future career.
  3. Training and Mentorship. VFC’s educational component gives Fellows the best of business school without the school debt. Training Camp teaches hard skills through a mix of real-life challenges, inspiring guest speakers, and valuable advice.

Self-starters, builders, creators, and people who have a history of excelling in a wide range of disciplines. All majors are considered. Any individual who received their undergraduate degree within the past three years is open to apply.

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents are preferred, however, International students who have the appropriate visas are encouraged to apply.

No. Venture for Canada invites outstanding individuals of all backgrounds with a variety of experiences to apply. As a general guideline, working professionals that graduated in 2012 or later are encouraged to apply to the fellowship and will follow the same application process as all other applicants.

There are no charges for trainings for the applicants or Fellows.  Fellows are only responsible for the costs of their living expenses during the Training Camp.

Fellow salaries are paid by the companies.

Venture for Canada is looking for individuals who embody our organization’s values and standards. Before submitting the application, all applicants should read these values.

There are three parts to the VFC application process:

  1. Applicants complete a written application
  2. Selected applicants participate in a 30-minute video interview, and then potentially a 30 minute phone interview.
  3. We invite our top applicants to an in-person Fellow Selection Day, where applicants undergo an all day series of individual and group interviews.
The Venture for Canada Fellowship cohort has grown every year of the program.   For 2018, we anticipate a Fellowship of approximately 100.  As part of our regional efforts, approximately 30 Fellows come from Atlantic Canada and 70 from Ontario.

Due to the competitive nature of the Venture for Canada fellowship, there will not be any extensions offered on decisions.

No. Venture for Canada Fellows are selected through a rigorous process and receive substantial benefits throughout the program. In most environments, it takes at least 2 years to be able to make a significant contribution.

The Venture for Canada Fellow Training Camp is a five week training camp at Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario, where selected Fellows learn everything from user experience design, to cold calling, to community management, as well as hear from leading Canadian entrepreneurs.

At training camp, you gain the diverse skills needed for eventually creating your own business. As well, you build relationships with the other Fellows, which last far longer than the duration of training camp.

Training camp takes place from mid May through mid June.

Our Partner Startups are incredibly diverse, with Fellows working everywhere from a caffeinated chocolate manufacturer, to a video marketing software provider, to an energy story investment firm. We have over 200 partners and can find something for anyone!

VFC develops relationships with each startup, usually through on-site visits and trusted referrals from our in-city partners. We rely on these relationships and partners to help identify which companies would be good fits for a Fellow based on quality leadership, relative financial stability, and a high-potential working and learning environment.

VFC Fellows fill entry-level roles at startups. The roles, responsibilities, and skills of an entry-level employee evolve constantly based on the company’s current strategy. Tasks include account management, content production, marketing, social media, sales and business development, operations, web development, engineering, data analysis, and some lab research. With that in mind, every day brings new challenges in a startup!.

If a VFC startup fails, VFC will help Fellows find a new placement at another partner company to complete the Fellowship.


Venture for Canada is a fellowship for top, young university graduates to spend two years working at innovative startups across the country with the mission of training these graduates to become entrepreneurs moving forward. We are part of the Venture for All Network, which is a global network of organizations, hosted by Columbia Business School.