Atlantic Internship FAQs

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1. What is the Venture for Canada Atlantic Internship Program?

The Venture for Canada Atlantic Internship Program is an opportunity for current post-secondary students to gain entrepreneurial work experience in a  paid internship at a local, Atlantic Canadian startup or small business. 

2. What is the value of becoming a Venture for Canada Intern?

The Atlantic Internship Program helps students develop work-ready skills for the evolving workforce, connects students with innovative Atlantic Canadian employers and provides exclusive training and support. In addition, Interns join the broader Venture for Canada community across Atlantic Canada.  As an Intern you will have access to the following: 

3. Who is eligible for the Atlantic Internship Program?

In order to be eligible for the Atlantic Internship Program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Paid Internship (varying lengths, most meet co-op requirements) 
  • 3 Day Training Camp 
  • 20+ Hours of Leading Personal and Professional Development Training
  • Opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and work-ready skills

  • Enrolled as a full time student at a post-secondary college or university in Canada 
  • Can provide documentation to prove your Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident or Refugee Status in Canada
  • Eligible to work in Canada

5. How much does the Atlantic Internship Program cost?

There is no fee to become a Venture for Canada Intern. However, Interns who accept work placements which require relocation will be responsible for all costs relating to their move and accommodations.

6. What is Training Camp?

Successful applicants are required to attend the three-day Intern Training Camp at the start of their work placements. Training Camp equips you with the skills to add value to your organization from the beginning, in addition to succeeding in the changing workforce. Following Training Camp, you will receive 6+ hours of ongoing training during your placement, to further support your learning and development.

10. What is the Atlantic Internship Application Process?

The Atlantic Internship Application process is a four step process: 

  • STEP 1: Online Application Forms
    A series of 2 short application forms to help us get to know you better. It's important to pay attention to the posted deadlines for upcoming start dates. Applicants are reviewed on a weekly basis and applicants applying for the next start date will be prioritized. Please be patient.
  • STEP 2: Phone Interview
    Successful candidates will be invited to a phone interview. Together we will assess if you are the right fit for VFC and if VFC is the right fit for you.
  • STEP 3: Acceptance & Access to our Internship Job Board 
    Congrats! You will be given access to our internal Internship Job Board, where you'll will find exclusive opportunities with small and medium-sized local companies. You will be responsible to create a profile that highlights your skills, work samples, and experience - but we'll give you a great template to help you get started. 
  • STEP 4: Interview, Match & Get Hired
    Through the Internship Job Board, you can express interest in a company - and they can express interest in you. Together, you’ll arrange interviews and review job offers! Co-op students will be responsible to ensure their accepted job meets the requirement of their program.

8. Is the Atlantic Internship Program a good fit for me?

Venture for Canada's mission is a more prosperous, innovative, and inclusive Canada. We are passionate about creating a program for students of all communities. We strongly encourage indigenous students, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, women enrolled in STEM programs, and first-year undergraduate students to apply. Whether you already know you want to be an entrepreneur, are curious about entrepreneurship, or just want to develop additional skills before heading out into the workforce — this program is for you.


11. What are the deadlines to apply for the Atlantic Internship Program?

We accept applications on a rolling basis - meaning you can apply for future terms anytime.  If you are applying for an upcoming term, we encourage you to apply ASAP,  as this greatly enhances your chances of acceptance and opportunities to match with the most dynamic companies.



Student Questions

4. What is the minimum wage?

Final deadlines to submit written applications are:

Employer Questions

12. How soon will I hear back once I've applied?

We make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to hire Canada’s brightest interns. Atlantic Internship Employers have access to:
1. Quality Talent
Our interns are highly-vetted post-secondary students, currently studying science, technology, engineering, math, or business. After a rigorous selection process, these pre-qualified interns apply directly to internship job postings.

2. Wage Subsidies
Subsidies of up to $7,000 per internship are available. The highest subsidies are available for interns from underrepresented groups including women in STEM, Indigenous students, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, and first-year students.

3. Work Readiness
Prior to starting with your company,  VFC interns complete our three-day Training Camp, and receive ongoing support and training throughout their internships. Training topics foster workplace resourcefulness, and include planning and prioritization, communication etiquette, stress management, and failure and resilience.

4. Flexibility and Support
New intern cohorts begin every four months, and we can help identify and develop an appropriate internship project with your business.

1. What's the value of becoming a Venture for Canada employer?

Because we are reviewing applicants on a weekly basis, you can expect to hear back about your application in 4-7 business days. Applicants applying for upcoming semesters will be prioritized first.

2. What kind of company is eligible for the Atlantic Internship Program?

If you meet all these criteria, you are eligible to a VFC Intern employer:

  • Be small to medium-sized enterprises, nonprofits or charities (1-499 employees).

  • Provide a safe work environment and oversight in a commercial office or co-working space located in  in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.

  • Supply proof of legal employer entitlement, such as a registered Business Number and a payroll deductions account.

  • Have the potential, with our support, to hire students for the first time or increase the number of interns you can bring onto your teams. 

  • Create a paid internship position, with a focus on entrepreneurial, innovation or business skills. 

  • Pay a competitive wage, and ideally accommodate a standard, full-time placement for 16 weeks. Our minimum wage requirement is $14.50/hour. Our subsidies cover 50% or 70% of interns’ wages, with employers responsible for the difference. The majority of this subsidy is paid during the first month of the internship, in an effort to minimize any cash flow barrier to employers. 

  • Demonstrate an organizational culture which supports the development of new talent and integrates diverse experiences and perspectives.

3. How much does it cost to become a Atlantic Internship employer?

There is no fee associated with becoming an Atlantic Internship employer. We offer wage subsidies to help support your company’s hiring of interns.

4. What is the minimum wage with the full subsidy?

The minimum wage is $14.50 per hour. You can hire an intern for as little as $4.85 per hour with our maximum offered subsidy and minimum MERCs.

5. Does Venture for Canada cover MERC's and vacation pay?

Yes. We include the total employer contribution in our calculations.

6. What is the process to become an Atlantic Internship employer?

Employers who’d like to hire a Venture for Canada intern also go through a short, four-step process:

  • STEP 1: Online Application Forms
    Our online Company Application is where you share an overview of your organization and how you’d like to engage an intern. It also allows our staff to confirm your company meets our core eligibility . Once your application is complete, we’ll be in touch within four business days.
  • STEP 2: Phone Interview
    Promising applicants  will be invited to a brief phone interview. Together we’ll clarify the value an intern can bring to your workplace and flesh out your job description as needed. 
  • STEP 3: Acceptance & Access to our Internship Job Board 
    Congrats! You’ll be invited to post your internship positions to our internal Job Board, accessible only to pre-qualified VFC Interns. You can also choose if you’d like applicants to submit cover letters, transcripts, and/or work samples, or if you’d just like to review their resumes.  
  • STEP 4: Interview, Match & Get Paid
    As VFC Interns apply to your posting, you’ll schedule in-person, phone, or video interviews with students directly. When you’ve found the perfect fit, you’ll extend a formal Offer of Employment, and once accepted, the Intern will notify VFC of their Internship match. We’ll be in touch with a simple funding contract prior to the Intern’s start, and 80% of your funding will be paid via direct deposit within the first four weeks of the internship.

7. Does Venture for Canada match students and employers?

The matching process between students and employers is automated via the Magnet platform. Students and job postings are matched based on skills, academics, and experience, then students apply to the jobs that appeal to them. Venture for Canada coaches students via the initial application process on how to identify skill sets.

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8. I have a student in mind that I’d like to hire. Can I receive the subsidy? 

Yes. If you have a specific student you’re looking to hire, you can still access our funding. However, the student still needs to be eligible for our program, apply here and attend our training camp. 

9. How many student internships can each company have through the Atlantic Internship Program?

An intern employer can hire as many students through the Internship Program as they like. We provide the wage subsidies per student, employers can receive up to $7,000 per intern.

7. What does Training Camp & Ongoing Trainings cover? 

Training Camp topics foster workplace resourcefulness, and include planning and prioritization, communication etiquette, stress management, and failure and resilience. Ongoing Training topics change based on the current cohorts needs throughout their work placements; some topics can include HR policies, gender equality in the workplace, how to find a mentor, personal budgeting and more.

9. How long are the internships?

There is no limit on the length of our internships. Generally, our internships are 16-weeks. If you require a shorter or longer placement, please still consider applying.

13. Are part time opportunities available? 

Some of our employers are open to part time internship placements. If accepted into the program and offered a position, students may also be able to negotiate hours and scheduling with the employer. 

14. If I have applied before and was accepted, do I have to apply again for future cohorts?

Once students are accepted to the Atlantic Internship Program, they have the option to remain a candidate for all future matching periods (they can choose which cohorts they would be interested in). Our staff will be in contact to confirm their interest in being placed in future cohorts if they indicated this on their application.  

15. What type of roles are a part of the program?

Our internships must relate to either STEM fields or Business fields, as well as the student’s field of study. The internships must challenge students to learn new skills, develop knowledge, and reflect on their own personal and professional development. Finally, the internships must have a project for the intern that has stand alone components, and an innovation component. 

Some examples of internships available through our program include: business development, junior software, digital marketing and junior UX design.

10. How long can the internships be?

The intern positions can be any length of time (5 weeks, four months, eight months, etc), but our wage subsidy parameters still apply. 

11. Can an intern work remote for my company?

Remote positions will be assessed on a case by case basis. Generally, the student needs to have regular face time with their supervisor to achieve maximum benefits of the program. Students must be working with an Atlantic based company, in Atlantic Canada.

VFC Interns are all paid at a minimum of $14.50 per hour. Most intern employers offer competitive wages.

  • January 2019 Start Date - Submit by Nov. 30, 2018
  • May 2019 Start Date - Submit by Mar. 22, 2019
  • September 2019 Start Date -  Submit by Jul. 22, 2019

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