Startup Partners

Why become a Fellowship Startup Partner?

Venture for Canada fellowship program attracts, trains and supports ambitious and entrepreneurial post-secondary graduates, and connects them with growing startups and small-medium sized ventures, to create unique experiential learning opportunities, and support growth for our business partners.

Venture for Canada seeks growing startups and small-medium sized enterprises that can provide growth, learning and mentorship opportunities for our fellowship program.  Startup partners hire Fellows as full-time employees and are responsible for the interview process and all employee costs.


Venture for Canada works with startups and small-medium sized enterprises across a diverse array of sectors and industries that meet the following general criteria:

  • 5 – 50 Employees
  • Under 10 Years Old
  • Ongoing Growth Potential


  • Short Survey, 20-30 Minute Phone Call, Signing of Guidelines & Culture Profile
  • Yearly Annual Reviews of Fellows & Impact Report Data
  • Training & Development Fee Upon Hiring a Fellow (fee varies by Province)


  • March – May: Collect information on job opportunities for June – October matching
  • Mid-May to mid-June: Fellow Training Camp (required before placement may begin)
  • June – October: Matching of Fellows to available jobs


Venture for Canada provides two years of training and support, including a month-long Training Camp. Fellows come from diverse academic and personal backgrounds, and the majority have recently finished undergraduate degrees.

  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial, driven, high performing & high achievers.
  • Undergo a rigorous selection process
  • Looking for entry level business development positions (business development, sales, marketing, ec)


In today’s job market, there is no shortage of tools to post jobs and recruit talent. What makes Venture for Canada’s approach unique?

We help you attract new talent

The best way to grow your startup and be more competitive is to bring on the right people.

Fellows are bright, eager to learn, solutions-oriented and come from an assortment of backgrounds with entrepreneurial thinking.

We help you save time and money

For startups, Venture for Canada connects you to the country’s best and brightest graduates that are vetted by our network of entrepreneurs. Venture for Canada startup partnership staff work get to know your companies and collaborate with our Fellow support staff to make targeted introductions to the best Fellow candidates for the opportunities you have available. We save your startup considerable time in the recruitment and search process for your roles.

Once we find the best hire for your role, Venture for Canada continues to support your new hire. During their two-year fellowship, Fellows receive ongoing mentorship, coaching, and training.

With you, we collectively nurture young entrepreneurs

As you well know, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone! The Venture for Canada Fellowship allows our young talent to gain top-notch skills, a national network of entrepreneurs and investors, and a realistic experience on what life is like in a startup environment. For some Fellows, this puts them in a great position to launch their own startups, and for others, clarity on how they can best add value to an existing company.

Which companies are currently involved?

Click here for a list of ventures in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island that are looking to employ Venture for Canada Fellows.

How do I learn more?

Connect with one of our Partnership team members by completing our short Partner Venture Profile form.

Venture for Canada regional staff will follow up with interested ventures.



Symone Jennings

Atlantic Partnerships &
New Brunswick & PEI Program Coordinator
[email protected]


Hannah Mellion

Ontario Partnership Manager
[email protected]